Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Transparency: The Secret Ingredient to Green Marketing Success

The world of advertising is incredibly fickle. While most consumers may forget the marketing campaign you ran last week, they will always remember the false claim you made in an advertisement last year. Being an eco friendly firm, the terms ‘Eco-Friendly’ and ‘Green’ may not be as vague for you as they are for the rest of the public. This is exactly why you need to step into the shoes of your consumer and view the situation with their eyes.

Transparency is an extremely important factor in advertising and is much more important when it comes to eco-friendly companies because of the highly passionate customer base that they cater to.

When you make the claim that you are a ‘green’ company, you need to prove to the customers that you are in fact helping improve the environment.

Learn about Sustainable Practices

If you don’t fully understand the concept of sustainability yourself, you will have a difficult time in conveying it to your customer base. Unfortunately, there have been many companies that have been using ‘green’ terminology without fully understanding what it means often leading to accusations of misrepresentation and even litigations.

Some companies believe that being eco-friendly is more of a choice between two existing evils such as choosing a lesser harmful raw material over a more harmful one in manufacturing. While this is an effort to reduce your ecological footprint, it isn’t really contributing towards the improvement of the current environmental situation.


While we may want to believe so, not all businesses make false claims with a clear conscience. There are many corporations out their engaging in false advertising simply because they want to increase their market share. When making any such claim, you need to understand what the impact will be on your brand. Not only will it harm your current status, but also the long-term sustainability of your company. The best thing to do is to create an environmental policy and then aligning all activities with it. This will make sure that all the steps that you take when it comes to manufacturing processes, delivery, packaging or marketing will be in alignment with environmental improvement.

Be Clear in your Message

Even if you’d like to think that your customers are all-knowing entities who will immediately purchase your brand, your assumptions will be a little misplaced. You need to consider all levels of awareness when it comes to marketing your green product. There may be individuals who have no foreknowledge of the need for environmental improvement and the ways that can be done. On the other hand, there may also be individuals who have passion for the environment but don’t know how to contribute. When marketing, you need to outline the steps that you have taken in order to improve the environment, how your product contributes to it and how it will achieve the goal of environmental improvement.


What next?

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