Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Thomas Cook Rebranding - Does it make you want them more?

The comments below are by Mike Owen in relation to this story about the rebranding of Thomas Cook.

“This is an interesting little snippet about Thomas Cook.

And the ad agency (yet to be appointed) has a tricky old job on their hands based upon the brand position and new identity that lies, today freshly revealed, before us.

I’m personally looking for the ‘essence’ of the brand from the new work. So what’s Thomas Cook all about, then?

I’m looking for something unique, compelling and motivating about this all new Thomas Cook.

What is it that they are now doing to knock my socks off?

I’m looking for the point of difference - something that only Thomas Cook do and that they own as theirs alone.

I’m looking for something compelling; something that makes me go - ‘wow!’ - I didn’t know that about Thomas Cook; do they really do that, like that?!

And I’m looking for something motivating; something that will change my behaviour. After all, that’s what they want me to do. They want me to feel motivated to buy Thomas Cook.

We have:
  • A heart.
  • The words ‘let’s go’.
  • Messaging designed to remind Thomas Cook’s own people how to behave.
So, Thomas Cook is saying that when I want a holiday they will ‘go’ get me a holiday.


Ad agencies do better work when the brand position is desirable, clear, simple and distinct. They have something to work with then.

The fact that aspects of this work has to be explained by Chief Exec Harriet (“grey text = digital and mobile”) is worrying to say the least.

Lynx standing for ‘seduction’ has spawned dozens of great ads since it arrived in the UK in 1984. And when did Lynx ever have to explain their brand position? Teenage boys and young men all over the place know what Lynx stands for.

And the original innocent (not how it is today) was beautiful too. The Innocent Smoothies slogan used to be “nothing but nothing but nothing but fruit” - repetition, naive honesty and it’s almost - well - ‘cute’. Amazing.

 Their new one, ‘little tasty drinks’ is soulless. And it could be anyone.

The same happened with KFC’s amazing ‘finger lickin’ good’ which as replaced with ‘so good’. Again - this could be anyone. What a shame!

Find out why you’re amazing - and stick to it.

Some brands don’t know that, most of the time, what made them great will keep them great. They get bored and they change.

And what a shame Thomas Cook has not identified and decided to home in something truly ownable - ownable by them alone.

That’s one of the very first rules of branding.

I fear yet more advertising for Thomas Cook that says, well, pretty much the same as everyone else in the market. Let’s have a guess:

“Action! It’s February 2014. Smiley lady talks to camera about wanting to make your holiday special. She will say that Thomas Cook try really hard and that they know how important your holiday is to you. Show a beach. Show a happy family. Show the lady again (she’s blonde) and she will say ‘let’s go’ and she and other Thomas Cook people will run around a bit”

Or something like that. Let’s wait and see.

Merry Christmas.


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