Thursday, 5 December 2013

The 5 Habits of Highly Effective Design Agencies

To many people, design agencies do “the cool stuff.” The designers have the fun jobs and the offices are more like play spaces for grown-ups than the land of desks and meetings. As we know, the reality is a bit different – though, let’s face it – work can, at times, be fun. Interesting clients mixed with new, innovative products keep things interesting – but it isn’t just about keeping work interesting; to be successful, the best design agencies must also be effective. So what sets the effective design agency apart from the rest of the pack? Here are five habits of highly effective design agencies.

#1 – Set Goals – Sure, goal setting is pretty square one, but it’s important. More importantly is that you need to set goals that aren’t tied simply to financial success, but rather to performance. For example, set a goal to have each designer attend at least one conference each year. The designers will grow individually and bring new, innovative designs and principles to your organisation which will pay back in dividends – with both happy clients and result-earning designs.

#2 – Know When Enough is Enough – You can redo a design until the sun stops shining, but odds are that at some point in the process, you’ve gotten it right. If, in your heart of hearts, it still feels off to you, consider a fresh start. Working too long on a design burns time and resources – not to mention that overdesigning is bound to turn out a sub-standard product.

#3 – Create the Right Work Environment – The right work environment is different for every organization. While for some design agencies, that means a bullpen with a rowdy, but collaborative atmosphere, for others it may mean a professional, modern space with private offices. The work environment inspires workers and shapes the work to fit the agency’s brand. Choose your inspiration carefully.

#4 – Spend time on your own brand – In agency life, it’s all too easy to fall into the habit of spending all of your time and talent on client, profit-earning work. But failing to brand your own agency reduces your effectiveness and own potential. Make sure that you don’t just have a cool name or cool logo – develop the marketing to prove it with innovation and fresh ideas. The marketing for your own company should be your first living portfolio piece.

#5 – Frequently Revise Processes – Anything gets stale if left out too long – and in the design world, that shelf life is relatively short. New technologies come out every year that change the way that we do business; so make sure that your processes reflect those technologies’ capabilities as well as the changing needs of your designers and clients.

The most effective agencies are the ones who know what they stand for (good branding will help define this), what they want to achieve, and are willing to step back, take a look, and change what needs to be changed in order to stay on top – are you one of them?

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