Monday, 9 December 2013

Green Marketing: The Best Way to Market in an Eco-Friendly Manner

When it comes to marketing you may have seen the giant hoardings, numerous pamphlets and fliers being distributed by many companies. What happens to all of that ink, material and paper once the marketing campaign is over and the company has moved onto its next campaign?

This is the problem that many eco-friendly firms make. The importance of getting your word across to the world regarding an eco friendly lifestyle is magnified when it comes to the green lifestyle.

Unfortunately, this can’t be done effectively if your marketing campaign simply goes against what you believe in and stand for.

Forego the print

It may seem that a marketing campaign is simply incomplete if you don’t add print to the mix. Although print marketing is an important factor which cannot be completely neglected, when you consider the threat of deforestation it does not seem like a very high price to pay. This isn’t to say that you will be missing out many of the benefits of marketing, just that your efforts will be concentrated on other equally, if not more effective forms. The world today has made a great shift towards technology which is causing print to become obsolete. If you concentrate your efforts on social media and search engine optimisation, your products will still stand true to what they represent.

Recycled items

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle should be your mantra when it comes to marketing. Consider using biodegradable materials to produce promotional items such as mugs, pens and notebooks. If your promotional items or even campaigns require the use of paper, make sure that you use recycled paper for the task.

Email blasts

As mentioned before, the internet is your ultimate marketing weapon. This means that you will have to concentrate much more on getting the word across using online methods such as email blasts. E-newsletters are great ways of letting your customers know just what efforts you’ve been making towards a greener lifestyle and how they can help the environment. Additionally, you may even offer discounts and deals to customers to increase engagement.

Promotional events

Promotional events are not only eco-friendly; they are also extremely personal ways of getting your message across to the right audience. Since you are going to focus less on print, promotional events and parties is where the budget should be reallocated. When setting up an event, make sure that the external parties associated with the event follow the green concept. This means that the food that is available at the events should be made from locally sourced and organic ingredients or bands that perform unplugged.

Hire a design agency

No matter how much you focus on your eco-friendly efforts, you can’t control the world. This is where a great design agency comes in. Once you convey your need for being eco friendly to them they will then be able to find the best alternatives for ink and paper that they can since they already have the industry know how.  This is because they know where to obtain the materials in a budget friendly manner.

What next?

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