Friday, 6 December 2013

Getting Your Company on the Most Wanted List

Business is just that – business. And it’s competitive. So how do you set your company apart to make it and its services wanted?

In truth, there is no perfect formula – however, there are several things that you can do to improve your company’s image, visibility, and appeal to the client base:

Know Your Audience
Before you go outbound with anything, make sure that you understand who you are talking to – if you are directing your efforts to an irrelevant or uninterested audience, you are bound to come up empty handed. Create your own ideal client profile to list out what your preferred target looks like. Then, examine that audience and get to know them. Go beyond the demographics to find their core interests, motivators, and purchasing process and qualifiers. Sure, it’s a bit marketing 101 – but it is important to remember and critical to your success.

Be Interesting
There are hundreds of companies out there, all saying the same thing. So make yourself stand out by ensuring that you are unique. Don’t be another broken record, giving the same messages and same promises. Find what makes your company different – then let people know about it. Is your leadership well known? Have you won specific, industry-known awards? Perhaps your designs take a very specific perspective or aesthetic. Use the thing that makes you interesting – and make sure that you do have something.

Reach out Smartly
Marketing is the cornerstone of any successful, in-demand company; it makes sense – if people don’t know that you exist, how can they be interested in your services? Map your marketing plan to your audience to ensure that they align; then, consider unique avenues through which to reach them. Although email and direct mail are certainly proven, think out of the box. Consider events, sponsorships, networking, and more. There is no perfect marketing plan and what works will vary for every company – test different approaches to find the right mix for yours.

Discover Yourself
The single most important tool for your company is its brand. Before other people can want you, you need to make yourself alluring. Branding is more than a name or a logo or a tagline – it’s a true identity that presents you to the public before you get a chance to introduce yourself. Consider carefully the image that you want to present – who you want to be. Are you bright, cheery and friendly? Elusive and exclusive? Decide up front who you want to be and who you want to reach – rebranding later is a far more tedious process and it is much harder to change an impression than it is to make one initially.

Bring it all Together
Your goals as a business likely vary from those of your customer. To pique their interest, think from their perspective. What problem of theirs are you able to solve? What service or benefit are you truly offering? Make it clear exactly what is in it for them – then let them know who you are and what that is through smart marketing efforts and outreach.

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