Friday, 13 December 2013

Common Marketing Mistakes That Eco Friendly Firms Make

While the intentions of green firms may be on the right track, their lack of knowledge and game plan may lead them towards the wrong direction causing their marketing campaigns to backfire on them. The world, and many businesses are becoming more aware of the need to go green.

When it comes to marketing, you need to be able to convey the eco-friendly message through your marketing efforts. Not too many green companies, such as those involved with recycling and renewables fail to get that message across. This is unfortunate, especially when you consider the importance of the message.


Many brands have a tendency to inflate certain qualities of a product or brand in order to help it sell in the market. This method, although inadvisable has become the norm in the market. While larger brands may be able to get away with stretching the truth, eco-friendly firms must watch their step when it comes to marketing. Transparency should be the primary motive in all marketing efforts. It may be tempting to claim large numbers and spout taglines to grab the attention of people, but ethics become much more important for eco friendly firms. Once customers begin holding you at a higher ethical standard, you will gain long-term loyal customers. When you have green products, you must be open, honest and forthcoming about all information.

Making claims that don’t reflect the product impact

A common misconception when going green is that you can only choose between two evils. Just because you consider something to be a lesser evil does not mean that it ceases to be so. Saying that a product X is better than product Y does not necessarily mean that product X is good for the environment on its own. Green companies need to be very careful when making such claims since product X cannot be considered eco-friendly if it still plays a part in harming the environment albeit relatively less.

Connecting with eco-friendly buyers

When it comes to passionate and loyal customers, the eco-friendly industry has the best of them as compared to the global market. Not only do they strongly believe in the efforts of the green industry but are also vocal about them, helping them in their marketing efforts. These consumers are a great and crucial resource for green companies looking to expand. The problem however is that eco-friendly brands often fail to locate and target these individuals. Another thing that you need to remember I that every eco friendly firm in the market has the same idea and is marketing these individuals. You need to find a way to distinguish yourself from the clutter and make sure that your efforts are recognised.

Selling the wrong aspect

When setting the USP (unique selling point) of the brand or product, businesses often tend to focus on the ‘eco-friendly’ aspect in order to boost sales. The problem however is that not everyone is as passionate regarding earth friendly products as you are and may quite often choose a non-green product over the green one if it’s at a lower cost. Studies show that when faced with the choice between green and non-green products at the same price, consumers would be more likely to purchase the greener option. This is why green companies need to focus on price as well as eco-friendliness of the product.

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