Wednesday, 13 November 2013

onebestway Portfolio Work: Announcement: Royal Television Award Nomination for TRUE Solicitors Adverts


Here at onebestway and Violet Bick we're super-proud that the two national Award nominations for the TRUE brand have now been followed by a third nomination for a Royal Television Award.

These adverts and the TRUE brand is looking to shift the entire UK market's expectations of the Personal Injury Claims market.

We wish them all the luck in the world as the brand is taken forward in 2014. 

The onebestway and Violet Bick alliance led the development of the TRUE name, brand and all communications for TRUE in 2013.

Here's some of the narrative that has been submitted to the Judging Panel (results to be announced in March 2014).


In 2013, Violet Bick and onebestway set Dene Films the unenviable challenge of producing a set of genuinely industry-shaking commercials to launch their biggest brand definition/communications project in their 14 year history.

The TRUE Solicitors brand was conceived in 2012 and was launched Nationally in 2013.

TRUE are Personal Injury Solicitors but with a brand position so fresh, different and compelling that Violet Bick and onebestway needed film makers with the ability to create visual messaging that could swim against the tide of the entire UK Personal Injury market - but at the same time remained relevant, engaging and motivating.

This was not easy; but Dene delivered.

Since the television advertising, TRUE has been shortlisted in both of the UK Personal Injury Industry’s leading Awards Ceremonies - The Eclipse Modern Law Awards 2013 and The Proclaim Personal Injury Awards 2013. In the former, TRUE was listed alongside brands that had existed between five and eleven years. At time of shortlisting TRUE was three months old. With the latter, TRUE was shortlisted alongside just eight PI firms Nationally, such is the impact of the TRUE brand.

The role of Television Advertising in the success of TRUE 

Legislative change in the PI market in 2013 has meant that many of the industries’ key players are investing increasingly in brand building and advertising. They need claims - now.

And they’ve panicked.

Whilst mainstream television advertising thinking is almost exclusively trawling the marketplace with a desperate barrage of ‘no win no fee’ messaging and frantic attempts to create claims from nowhere; TRUE is communicating in a completely different way. is for genuine claims - only. is just for people who just want justice.

And because of TRUE’s incredibly honourable approach, they win more than 9 out of 10 of all cases. The TV advertising has played the pivotal role in communicating that TRUE is for people like me - and you.

Dene’s emotionally-charged, sincere, genuine and straight-talking mini-dramas beg; ‘Who is out there for me?’ - “Who is going to help me get justice?” The answer is TRUE. Injury Lawyers - not Injury Liars.


The TRUE adverts have immense stopping power. The audience is engaged, for TRUE claimants, gone forever is the stigma of claiming.

As the Personal Injury Solicitor just for the people that just want justice - TRUE is pre-eminent. Unique. Amazing.

Something that is captured beautifully, clearly and with a perfect balance of drama and sincerity here.

TRUE now has its sights set on becoming the UK’s leading Personal Injury Solicitor.

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