Wednesday, 23 October 2013

onebestway Portfolio Work: angelfysh Photography

Lots of photography that appears at websites and a business's print materials is generic.

It's just - well - a bit 'samey'.

If you think, "smiling lady with a headset on that is in the 'contact' section of the website and you just know that she doesn't really work there" - you'll know what we mean.

angelfysh imagery 

angelfysh has a brand position. 

At angelfysh, it's all about results. 

They are obsessive. 

The angelfysh team has a kind of 'OCD' for achieving page one Search Engine results in Google. 

The angelfysh obsession to detail (wanting page 2 to be page 1, wanting position 3 to be position 2, wanting position 2 to be position 1...) is explained with the images above.

It's worked well, too. 

Design works better when the brand position (obsessively results driven) is strong.

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