Friday, 25 October 2013

onebestway Portfolio Work: Lockpoint - Logo

The Lockpoint logo was developed in October 2013.

It's a key part of the repositioning and refining of the brand.

onebestway Portfolio Work: First Class Supply

We really like First Class Supply.

The hard-working, North East based category leader that we have supported at a brand level and then with broader marketing communications.

The First Class's slogan - "First Class Supply - Split Second Response" is helping them to stand out as the most prepared - and therefore the most effective - provider of Supply Teachers in the North.

When the brand position is distinct, compelling, easy to remember and re-communicate - everything is easier.

onebestway Portfolio Work: Lockpoint - iPad

Lockpoint is being supported at board level by Violet Bick in the areas of Brand Review and Brand Framework generation.

And the website is helping to communicate their market position as the UK's most secure provider of ATM security.

onebestway Portfolio Work: Sir Robert McAlpine

The Sir Robert McAlpine team were concerned that the way that their organisation was constructing tenders was onerous and inconsistent.

So we developed them an all-new and systematic approach.

Massive operational and production savings, plus better conversion with tenders ensued.

onebestway Portfolio Work: Miss Newcastle

onebestway has designed the theme and the website for three of the last five Miss Newcastle events.

They're always great opportunities and the work will all be featured at the new onebestway website that's being launched in November.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

onebestway Portfolio Work: Sage Gateshead - Jamie Cullum

Jamie Cullum reformatted. He was on last week. You missed him.

But he will be back.

onebestway Portfolio Work: Sage Gateshead - Bill Wyman

Writing copy that you imagine that Bill Wyman might say; then having him approve it as accurate...

That's a nice feeling.

onebestway Portfolio Work: Newcastle's Biggest

Sage Gateshead's latest advertising campaign is seen here on Newcastle's biggest poster site.

This is a photograph of the actual site.

Adverts from the same series are currently being displayed in Haymarket Metro station, which is seen by over 105,000 people a day.

Meet Phil

Phil is onebestway's newest designer. 

He's learned his trade at a few agencies, he travelled around the world a bit and now he's making his new home at onebestway.

onebestway Portfolio Work: Definitive Packaging Webpage


Definitive packaging's obsession with accuracy is legendary. So the distribution network is safe.

And now that the brand stands for that one motivating and compelling thing - customers know why to choose them (and they do).

onebestway Portfolio Work: Onyx Iconography

The use of icons to distinguish between the five key Onyx offerings has been useful.

Lovely headline copy on the top screen, clear communication of the offering on the bottom screen.

onebestway Portfolio Work: Sage Gateshead - Kate Rusby

Here's what Sage Gateshead is saying about Kate - and what Kate is saying about Sage.

It's all about the acoustics...

onebestway Portfolio Work: Sidekick Office Products

Sidekick Office Products is part of NBT Group.

The Sidekick offering is really distinct - they make sure that your business buys only the stationery it needs, all the time.

That's it! A really clear brand.

No waste, no weird printer inks at the back of your stationery cupboard and no free fizzy sweets to encourage you to buy a whole host of rubbish that you don't really need.

The Sidekick Office Products brand was engineered and honed inside Violet Bick, and it is now being communicated by onebestway.


onebestway Portfolio Work: angelfysh Photography

Lots of photography that appears at websites and a business's print materials is generic.

It's just - well - a bit 'samey'.

If you think, "smiling lady with a headset on that is in the 'contact' section of the website and you just know that she doesn't really work there" - you'll know what we mean.

angelfysh imagery 

angelfysh has a brand position. 

At angelfysh, it's all about results. 

They are obsessive. 

The angelfysh team has a kind of 'OCD' for achieving page one Search Engine results in Google. 

The angelfysh obsession to detail (wanting page 2 to be page 1, wanting position 3 to be position 2, wanting position 2 to be position 1...) is explained with the images above.

It's worked well, too. 

Design works better when the brand position (obsessively results driven) is strong.

onebestway Portfolio Work: AM Hire

Steve's AM Hire business is great. 

It has a really distinct brand position thanks to Violet Bick - they are famous for being the vehicle hire company that always has a vehicle for you.

Their slogan? 'Never Without Wheels'.

It's really great to stand for something simple, distinct and compelling in this over-communicated world of ours. After all, that's the foundation of all great brands.

onebestway Portfolio Work: Royal Northern Sinfonia

onebestway is proud to have been asked to create a new logo identity for the first 'Royal' to be awarded to any Sinfonia in over 20 years.

And it's only the fifth to be awarded - ever.

Here's the beautifully simple, sound-wave influenced solution. We'll blog how the work rolls out, soon.

onebestway Portfolio Work: TK Maxx

A little while ago we worked on a project for TK Maxx.

It was to help their stores from around the world to save money by managing energy better. 

Turning off lights, printing less things and just being generally more green.

And it worked!

Three Days in the Life of a Television Script Writer

Debbie writes onebestway brochures, websites and more.

And when she's not doing that, she's doing this.

3 Days, 5 Meetings and Sausage and Chips with Lynda La Plante

Tuesday 1st October 2013

It’s always nice to chat with Lynda. 

She’s a great host for a start and she’s a breath of fresh air in the very tricky world of TV Scriptwriting. 
As a lady with more experience than I can only hope of having, she’s incredibly generous with her time and knowledge. She helps me in the hope that we’ll work together soon; I hope her faith in me pays off for both of us!

We discussed several projects which are all at various stages of development but, one of the most exciting things to come from this particular meeting was that Lynda suggested I’d make a great novelist! That’s not a recommendation I’m going to ignore! 

Wednesday 2nd October 2013

A day off at Windsor Castle in between two days of meetings. 
Thursday 3rd October 2013

10am. Wall to Wall Productions make New Tricks and are always eager to meet new writers who may have new and exciting ideas. It’s worth an hour of any writer’s time to sit down for a chat with forward-thinking companies. 

12.30pm. I'm adapting a novel into a film, so caught up with the novelist for lunch. 

2pm. A strange thing happens when you get into the lift at ITV Studios in Waterloo – you can judge people based on which floor they get off at. Floor 21 of 22… my floor… is an impressive one by all accounts as that’s where the Director of Drama lives.

The Director of Drama and the Head of Continuing Drama at ITV don’t normally meet new writers at the drop of a hat... but they made a little room for me. (Lynda may have had something to do with it).

We chatted about ITV’s existing shows and my original ideas.

Sometimes meetings feel non-progressive, but this one felt like the beginning of a productive relationship.

We Like... Ford Matchboxes

Cost effective, targeted, clever and with a design that focuses on the product advantage.


With only 5,000 of these little matchboxes made, they were only given to potential customers in a single pub. 

The vehicle was sold out a month before they were released.

onebestway Portfolio Work: Definitive Packaging

So, how on earth do you come up with a single visual that communicates the brand position of a really great packaging company?

A packaging company with packaging solutions so accurate that their objective is - no matter what you do - you just cannot harm contents.

Like this!

onebestway Portfolio Work: Sage Gateshead - Billy Bragg

onebestway and Violet Bick Brand Consultants work with the in-house Marketing team at Sage Gateshead to run brand supportive and stand-out design and marketing - that works.

Sage Gateshead tickets sales are up year-on-year. 

Here's Billy Bragg. How nice to be working with artists that we actually like!

onebestway Portfolio Work: THINK Tapes and Adhesives

Lots of businesses take ages over building large, complex websites that don't really say anything about the brand and that also have complex navigational structures that are rarely explored properly by visitors.

Sometimes, a simple, beautifully constructed and really well-written page is enough.

Here's a great example.