Thursday, 5 September 2013

onebestway is recruiting - Experienced and Talented Designers


onebestway is entering its 14th year and is growing a little.

I'm looking to add fresh talent to our onebestway design team.

You will have a real flair for online design (websites) and/or you will have a real flair for design for print media.

If you consider yourself to be exceptional at both then that's good. But I am OK seeing you whatever you consider your specialist area to be.


Senior Design Professionals. Yes - I'm interested in meeting you please. Probably just for a chat initially to see if your ambition matches ours. There is room for one or two of you here at onebestway based on the current workload and pipeline. But pop in and absorb who and what we are first. Let's see if we match. It is likely that you will be in employment now, so we'll be very discrete.

Middleweight designers. Yes, you too please. You will be ambitious and talented. If you feel like you are in a rut where you are today, please get in touch. There is lots of room for growth here.


onebestway pays pretty well and gives everyone in the team the power and opportunity to grow as designers and as significant team members. We're keen to continually improve and are hungry for increasing success. So it's a good place to be.


A little more information.

Being a onebestway designer - at any level - is hard. I expect:

  • All the fundamentals (long hours, consistency, accuracy, love of your work, a passion for our brand, being a great person, looking after and being there for the people around you, being 'can-do' and positive, being an excuse-free winner).
  • The ability to produce progressive design. I don't really want you or us to be doing what we or I have seen before. What's our industry, world-wide, actually doing to push and push and push?
  • I expect you to see every single job (without exception) as an opportunity to do something incredible.
  • You must have - and be able to articulate compellingly to both your colleagues and clients - great ideas that make sense in the context of everything on this list (above and below).
  • Your execution of the concept will be exceptional, every time.
  • All of your work will work in the context of a wider tactical approach to a business' marketing communications. You must understand the implications of this.
  • All of your work will work in the context of a wider strategic approach to a business' marketing communications. You must understand the implications of this.
  • You will understand the basic principles of brand. Your design concepts, ideas and execution will be brand supportive. They will help to support, strengthen and underpin the business' brand position.
  • Your work will work. onebestway produces work that works - only. It must 'do' something for the business, and in the context of everything on this list. If it just 'looks good', that's no good.
The things towards the top of this bulleted list I expect you to have now. The things towards the bottom you will learn within days and weeks if you do not have them already.


How to apply

Please send an impressive and stand-out email to

A current cv and a link to a really well considered portfolio is important too so please include them as well. The portfolio can be a website or a great PDF presentation.

And if anything in any part of what you send to us is spelled incorrectly, we won't take your application any further. Sorry.


Thank you

Thank you for considering approaching onebestway. We are one of the North East's longest established professional design and marketing teams and our ambition for the future is more sharply defined and honed than it has ever been.

We seek only genuinely talented, committed and ambitious people.


Strictly no agencies at all at this stage please, unless we contact you.


Clients include sector and UK market leaders including Gateshead College, Pennine Windows, Sage Gateshead, BALTIC, Letslivehere, Violet Bick, Activities Abroad, Robert McAlpine, Baskeys,, Newcastle College, Northumberland College, Derwentside College, TyneMet College, Sarah Hall Consulting, Newcastle Diocese, Durham Diocese, Onyx, Stadium Group, Akzo Nobel, Age UK, entrust, Project North East, angelfysh, University of Moscow, University of Sunderland, TLW Solicitors, Emmaus, The Customs House, Turney Wylde, Balfour Beatty and Royal Mail.

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