Monday, 6 May 2013

We Like... Cheer Up!

As part of her personal mission to try to bring some unexpected cheer to her neighbors, UK-based Zoe Green - who goes by the moniker Pea Green Girl - got up at 5am one April morning, or what she calls “Happy Street Day”, to decorate her entire street.  

Along Shelbourne Road, she hung balloons at a bus shelter, post-box and telephone booth; stuck Post-Its with encouraging messages on a telephone pole; and pasted a “Good Morning!” sign along the bridge so that people who drove under it could see the greeting.  

Green’s little project aimed to inspire people, and it must’ve brightened up someone else’s day - and it was her tiny step to changing the world, one smile at a time.  

“I don’t intend to change the world, but I know that if you brighten one person’s day, they are highly likely to brighten someone else’s day,” she wrote on her blog.  

If you left your house one morning and walked down the street to find it filled with lovely signs and motifs, won’t you feel like nothing could get you down? 

How nice! 

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