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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

We Like... Clever!


 Will McDonald's adopt this do you think?

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Logo Identity Design – The Anatomy of a Logo Part 1

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It's all about how we at onebestway believe logo identity design really should be done.

When professional logo identity design is implemented properly, it avoids those awkward 'Beauty Parade' moments where business or brand owners are forced to think, "Err - now which one do I like best?" or "Should it be that colour? Or this one?"

Your agency should really be telling you, the business or brand owner, which is the strategically correct solution; the one approach that will ultimately help you to achieve your business goals most effectively. If it feels like you are having to tell them - or that you are simply choosing the one you like best, something is wrong.

Your logo identity should also support your brand position - but that's a whole other story.

This is just an introduction really, but we hope you find it useful.

Logo identity – The Anatomy of a Logo.

The logo development for any brand is far more than a drawn out beauty parade of fonts and colours.  It is an entirely strategic exercise.

Here, we'll illustrate how onebestway think and behave with regards to the creation of the ‘right’ logo for any organisation, project or business.

For example, brands benefit greatly from a visual device to hammer the message home to consumers.  This isn’t always a logo of course, for Coca-Cola it is the iconic bottle shape, for Marlboro it is the iconic cowboy image and for Compare The Market it’s a meerkat.  However, in some cases logos can – and need to – perform this task for you, but even then how you develop the logo, can go a long way to determining how hard it works for you.

Consider the logo onebestway created for Parkers Executive Chauffeurs, the largest such company in the North of England, which is shown here.

Parkers couldn’t use an iconic image as they didn’t have enough Brand Touchpoints where they would have the space to execute it.  And the most iconic representations of their service are their cars, which of course carry some of the most famous brands in the world.  Worse still if you tried to create a truly iconic logo, it just wouldn’t work (we tested it) as it was always overpowered by the more famous iconic logos it stood next to (for example, that of Mercedes).

So there was only one solution.  We had to create a logo where the iconic element was part of the logo itself.  That way, the logo never looked as if it was fighting the more famous brands when placed next to them, but we retained an element which could be used on its own where appropriate as the verbal hook.  Consequently the ‘P’ of the word Parkers was hand-drawn individually to be absolutely unique; there may be others like it, but there is nothing exactly like it.

The unique ‘P’ was combined with a font with which it could fit seamlessly.  Parkers now have their visual hook within a confident, subtle, refined identity, which fits appropriately with the power brands with which it is associated.

In the next Part, we'll focus on the best way to determine what colour should be used in your logo.

Thanks for reading. 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

We Like... The World's Thinnest

I like things like this. Brand supportive and quirky creative advertising ideas.

Diet Coke having the world's thinnest vending machines?

Yes; it works for me.

There's more here.

Monday, 6 May 2013

TRUE launches in the UK

TRUE is considered by some in the PI industry to be the most significant Personal Injury brand launch, ever.

The TV ads are pretty compelling. They launched just last week. is the only Personal Injury brand that specifically targets the honorable claimant. TRUE Solicitors stand for genuine compensation, never unjust CONpensation.
And this is a unique brand position.

The three onebestway TV ads are:


Facts or Feelings

Two Minds

I think that I like 'Two Minds' best. 

We Like... Cheer Up!

As part of her personal mission to try to bring some unexpected cheer to her neighbors, UK-based Zoe Green - who goes by the moniker Pea Green Girl - got up at 5am one April morning, or what she calls “Happy Street Day”, to decorate her entire street.  

Along Shelbourne Road, she hung balloons at a bus shelter, post-box and telephone booth; stuck Post-Its with encouraging messages on a telephone pole; and pasted a “Good Morning!” sign along the bridge so that people who drove under it could see the greeting.  

Green’s little project aimed to inspire people, and it must’ve brightened up someone else’s day - and it was her tiny step to changing the world, one smile at a time.  

“I don’t intend to change the world, but I know that if you brighten one person’s day, they are highly likely to brighten someone else’s day,” she wrote on her blog.  

If you left your house one morning and walked down the street to find it filled with lovely signs and motifs, won’t you feel like nothing could get you down? 

How nice! 

Lynda La Plante, Debbie and onebestway

Lynda La Plante, CBE, is an English author, screenwriter and former actress, probably best known for creating the Prime Suspect television crime series.

Nowadays, Lynda heads up a writer-led Production Company that generously looks after a select few new writers. Debbie, onebestway's copywriter, is one of them.

Lynda is script editing some of Debbie's work as we speak… it's a secret as to what it is though; or which TV channel has asked for it. Debbie won't tell us. Which is annoying.

Nevertheless, alongside such heady antics, Debbie still finds the time to author brilliant onebestway website and brochures, rich in character and storytelling.