Monday, 18 March 2013

Our Terms and Conditions

Clients ask us about our Terms and Conditions from time to time. So here they are, written out in full for you to read whenever suits you.

If you're after a hard copy, you can pick one up any time at our office.


These terms, unless we agree in writing to the contrary, apply to any service provided by onebestway to you.

Taking instruction. You agree that we may take instruction from one appointed person (that we will identify together) or anybody appointed by them, although single source feedback is preferred.

Validity and vat. All costings are valid for 30 days. All figures are ex-vat.

Outside the scope of work. We will not be advising on any aspect not covered in Project Proposals. We are not qualified to give legal advice and it is important that you obtain any such advice from appropriately qualified specialists. With regard specifically to websites, whilst we can advise on the drafting of terms of website use, information relating to cookie laws and privacy policies, the legal implications of them are outside the scope of our expertise and advice.

Looking after you. Your Account Manager is responsible for ensuring that our service delivery is excellent in everything we do for you. onebestway’s MD has overall responsibility for the quality of our work, including absolute adherence to professional logo identity guidelines documents.

Third party costs. Third party costs that are apparent at the proposal stage will be clearly communicated to you at the proposal stage.  If any additional third party costs arise during the project delivery phase, your Project Manager will advise you at the earliest opportunity for your prior approval.

Invoicing you and how to pay. Invoices will be raised promptly after you’ve commissioned work and they will be clear and easy to understand. ‘Invoice raised’ and ‘due by’ dates will be clear, as will ‘how to pay’. Fees are calculated based upon the scope of work that we discuss together.

Legal. Unless documented agreement exists to the contrary, with regard to Intellectual Property, clients pay for onebestway's acquired, collective skill and knowledge to create things for them to use, buying knowledge and skills, not what we actually create. So, 'IP' created is onebestway's. However, transferring IP to clients (once work is paid for in full) can be discussed and is rarely problematic. With regard to Publicity, onebestway can use client work in publicity material for mutual benefit. With regard to Imagery, it is assumed that you own the copyright to any imagery you provide onebestway with for use in your digital or print presence.

Websites and software – budget allocation. With regards to budget allocation for websites, 15% will always be ring-fenced for testing and 20% for contingencies. The contingency figure allows you and us to learn as-we-go, to have new and better ideas and to achieve maximisation.

Thank you.

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