Monday, 25 March 2013

Don't be 'Them'; be 'You'

The TV advert we're shooting in the North East this month will air in the UK Central regions in May 2013. It's for a new brand; an aspiring UK market leader.

The audience is geography-specific, male, aged 30-40 and quite affluent. And as the creative solution is based upon a single brand-driven promise that's really appealing to them, that's simpler than (and different to) any other player in our client's market - we should be fine.

Standing out.

It's a whole lot better than spending our client's money to say pretty much the same as everyone else in their market.


Please take a look at your marketing. 

If you're saying pretty much the same as everyone else, call us on 0191 27 666 27 and ask for Mike.

We help lots of people that aren't sure how to stand out. It can be hard sometimes so don't worry.

We can help you too.

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